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A Word with The Customer, our business partner:


We thank you for choosing PaPa Shoes products. As you know, nowadays, slippers and sandals are being produced and distributed in different designs and colors.

PaPa Shoes Co. takes pride in using the highest quality and finest raw materials, as its custom, the most modern machines with the highest world standards, and the qualified design team, whilst distributing its fashionable products to different parts of the globe.

In order to achieve long-term and middle-term goals of taking a sizable share of the global market, the management of PaPa Shoes Co. by relying on experience in design, production, distribution and sale of all categories of slippers and sandals, which enables them to know the exact requirements set by the markets and customers, and employing the knowledge, experience, and expertise of the finest designers, engineers and consultants in shoes industry has been acting to distribute its products for men, women and children in the global market. We sincerely hope we would have been able to gain your trust and confidence. Once again, we thank you, our respected customer, for choosing our products!


PaPa Shoes Co. Management

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